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Jurancon Sec 2016/17 Clos Lapeyre 37.5cl
Jurancon Sec 2016/17 Clos Lapeyre 37.5cl

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The vines of Clos Lapeyre face southwards towards the hound’s-tooth Pic du Midi d’Ossau with maximum exposure to sunlight yet simultaneously protected from strong winds. The 12ha vineyard has been exhaustively mapped and analysed for soil composition to obtain a profile of the microbial activity in the vineyard and as a result divided into twelve segments, each of which are treated according to how the soil, and, by definition, the vine needs to be nourished. Jean-Bernard Larrieu is one of the poets of Jurançon.  In his straight Jurançon sec (100% Gros Manseng, now called Purmer, he achieves aromatic intensity by picking late and using the lees to obtain colour and extract. This delightful number dances a brisk tango on the palate.

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